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KATATONIA - Dance Of December Souls

"Dance of December Souls" es el primer álbum de estudio de la banda sueca de doom metal Katatonia

KATATONIA - Dance Of December Souls

SKU: 801056885111
  • Formato: LP Negro
    Fecha de Edición: 13.03.2020
    Sello: Peaceville Records

  • 1.Seven Dreaming Souls 00:46
    2.Gateways Of Bereavement 08:15
    3.In Silence Enshrined 06:32
    4.Without God 06:52
    5.Elohim Meth 01:42
    6.Velvet Thorns (Of Drynwhyl) 13:57
    7.Tomb Of Insomnia 13:09
    8.Dancing December 02:20
    9.Prologue: Midwinter Gates 00:45
    10.Without God 06:54
    11.Palace Of Frost 03:42
    12.The Northern Silence 04:02
    13.Epilogue: Crimson Tears 01:56

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